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PRODEVO as LENUM’s technological arm, focuses on developing and implementing software across various industries. We support digital transformation expert consultants who manage and execute multidisciplinary TECH projects with the right personnel, applying industry best practices.

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Our mission is to cultivate and manage exceptional talent to provide clear and efficient solutions. We support technology areas in the implementation, development, and maintenance of technological projects, offering customized solutions for each phase.

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Software Development: Agile Software Factory

We offer tailored solutions to support technology areas in the implementation, development, and maintenance of their projects.
We adapt to various platforms and technologies according to the client's requirements, utilizing a broad set of tools, services, methodologies, and processes to ensure efficiency and quality at every stage of the project.

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Staff augmentation: Search to manage

In the most in-demand technologies on the market including development, testing, ERP, BI & A, etc. In times of expansion or uncertainty, it is essential to adapt quickly to the needs of teams and workloads. We are the quick and effective solution for hiring temporary and external personnel, capable of responding to a variety of scenarios.

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DevOps Managed Services

We implement, manage, and optimize DevOps practices in organizations. This is essential for companies that want to improve their operational efficiency and accelerate their development cycles, while simultaneously ensuring the stability and security of their systems.

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